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If you see " Unadjusted Scan" on a thumbnail and elargement, you are looking at a scanned slide with little if any image editing because no one has ever purchased that photo.  The finished photo should be substantially better than the unedited scan.  We have taken this approach because we can post these "Unadjusted scans" 10 times faster than our other procedure which mean you can see what the photos will look like much faster.

Canvas Prints 16x20 - 20x30 are available. 

Call 847 358-9917 for pricing and mounting options


$15.00 Minimum Purchase


We promise you a collection of photos with unprecedented selection and
the best overall quality you can find ANYWHERE!!!!


The highly compressed 4" images displayed here will tend to be darker and show less detail than the photos that are shipped.  There will also be color shifts.  These thumbnails are meant only to show you the content of the photo.  Many of our older photos have been edited several time to improve the final image.  it is too time consuming to repost a new thumbnail.
The "" and other watermarks are not on the shipped photos.  The watermarks are on the web site photos to prevent people from copying the photos from our web site.  Informational imprints that identify a historic event such as the one below are on the shipped photos.
Michael Jordan
The Final Shot
NBA Championship
June 14, 1998

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Copyright Warning!
All the photos finalshot sells are copyrighted.  It is illegal to download these images or alter them in any way with out our permission in writing.  You are not allowed to purchase a photo and reproduce it in any way, shape or form without our written permission.  You may scan these images to list them on Ebay provided the scanned image is no more than 400 DPI in length or width, and the scan must have a watermark "Copyrighted" at least 30 points high across the center of the scan.  Finalshot® will vigorously enforce our copyrights with penalties that include lost profits, punative damages, and our legal costs.  We have reasonable fees for authorized uses of our copyrighted images.  We welcome inquiries for authorized use of our images, but we will vigously enforce our rights with the full force of the law should you choose to ignore this warning.